Budgeting-QBE Financial Systems Coordinator
Location(s) Georgia
Employment Type Permanent
Job Listed 05-Jul-2016
Job Description

About Lexalutions, LLC

Lexalutions, LLC is an educational technology company with the goal of improving education through a technology solution that increases local and state funding for all Georgia school districts.


Lexalutions has developed a unique software system and consulting process designed to assist school districts in implementing strategies to maximize QBE funding, improve efficiency and lower costs.


Becoming a Lexalutions partner provides Superintendents and staff the ability to examine quantitatively and qualitatively how their district compares with other system in the state in many important measures, including:

  • 19 QBE funding categories

  • Medicaid Reimbursements

  • Staffing of Non-Essential employees

  • Overtime

  • Cost of Operations

  • and many more

Our collaborative process examines, develops and implements unique/tailor made strategies which improve academic quality and create real, long-lasting, repeatable cost savings and value, while complying with regulatory, statutory, and policy environments under which the school district operates.


Job Summary

Assists public school systems with budgeting and financial matters with respect to funding sources that can be used to create support for students including: EIP, REP, Professional Learning, Federal Programs (Title I, Title IIA, etc.), Special Education, Technology, Grants and Local Funds.


The Coordinator also Develops “Best Practice” solutions for schools and districts using program rules, program eligibility criteria, program structures, and program outcomes. In addition, Best Practice Solutions will link student needs, and maximize program funding so that appropriate school and/or district choices can be made.


Performance Responsibilities:

  • Report directly to the Lexalutions Senior Product Manager.

  • Help in the solicitation of potential School Districts for the Lex program.

  • Help close contracts with potential School Districts.

  • Arrange and secure scheduled calls and scheduled in-person meetings/presentations with potential and contracted School Districts.

  • Participate in internal team meetings when requested.

  • Create customer education documents and presentations. At a minimum the documents/presentations are to include:

    • QBE Funding (As it relates to GA Education)

    • EIP, Gifted, ESOL, Special Education Requirements

    • Financial Processes

    • Documentation Requirements

    • Program Enrollment

  • Provide In-depth Customer Training. At a minimum the training must include:

    • EIP Delivery Models

    • Defining and Determining Eligible Services for reimbursement

    • Student eligibility

  • Document the existing Delivery Model(s) used by the School and/or District and the effect each has on student achievement and the school/district’s funding reimbursement.

  • After each Customer Implementation conduct and document a project/implementation post-mortem.

    • The Documented post-mortem will analyze portions of the implementation plan that were successful and those that were unsuccessful. This document will be used to determine process/implementation improvements and mitigate future risks.

  • Provide support to the Development Team by providing analytics that meet/exceed company strategic goals via more effective and efficient analytic decision making through review, assessing and updating key data movement requirements (QBE, FTE, Resources, etc.) to ensure all meet Lexalutions standards and are accurate, complete and up-to- date.

  • Complete additional tasks as may be required or may be assigned by the Senior Product Manager.


The ideal candidate will possess the following:

  • 5+ years experience in primary and/or secondary school administration

  • Extensive knowledge of student FTE classification categories

  • Demonstrated experience guiding faculty in the implementation of programs to identify EIP students

  • Strong knowledge of special education categories and corresponding requirements

  • Familiarity with Medicaid Reimbursement

  • Strong financial analysis skills as they relate to systemwide budgeting


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